Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finally I'm writing my first post about going local! I decided this was a good weekend because the local winter farmer's market started yesterday. It was great to see the variety of local companies, and it was nice to be warm and inside. After a month without the farmer's market, our local food supply was running low and we finally decided to try kohlrabi puree.

Kohlrabi is like a mix of cabbage and turnips, and I personally think it tastes like turnips. I don't have a picture of the one we got at the CSA, but it was about the size of my head. After staring at it for a week, my mom found a recipe for kohlrabi puree so we made it and froze it. This past week we defrosted a third of it, and ate it as a side for fish. Everyone ate it, and it didn't taste bad, but the texture could only be compared to baby food. It was gross. If you are looking for a recipe to use kohlrabi, I would highly suggest not pureeing it. I will try to find another recipe so that those of you who are staring at the massive vegetable in your fridge will know what to do with it.

Another recipe we tried this week was Chinese Cabbage Salad. If you are looking for something to do with your cabbage, this is a recipe I highly suggest (I liked it so much I'm making another batch for my lunches this week). It is mostly local, but a few things, like Ramen noodles, had to come from more than 100 miles away.

Enough about vegetables, because those are the easy things to find. Something I'm always looking for are chips and desserts. I've been trying to eat healthier since New Year's, but there are some things I can't completely cut out of my diet. Tortilla chips are one of my favorite snacks, and I finally found a local company that makes them. Paino Organics in Concord, MA makes some pretty good tortilla chips if I do say so myself. These are a necessary ingredient for nachos during football games and delicious after school snacks.

Next week I'm planning on taking a trip to Bliss Dairy in North Andover, MA. We serve Bliss ice cream where I work, and I can't wait until the farm opens again in the spring.

Thanks for reading! I hope you come back each week to see the new recipes and stories I've posted. I'm hoping to have a local recipe contest soon, so start coming up with recipes!

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  1. Hi Maddie,

    Glad to see your post. A friend of mine suggests that kohlrabi can be chopped up and eaten like a salad with dressing. Also, chop it and steam it, then eat with butter.