Monday, January 30, 2012


This weekend while looking for recipes I had fruit on the brain. It has been very difficult to find any fruit at farmers markets, except apples. I've been craving a sweet treat, so I broke out the frozen fruit last night. We froze back a bunch of berries and peaches this summer, and last night I made a Peach Berry Cobbler. It was delicious and reminded me of blueberry picking. I adapted the recipe from another New England blogger. I love her site and go to it for recipes all the time. Her name is Elspeth Hay, and you should check out her blog: Diary of a Locavore. I would have posted a picture of the cobbler, but we ate it up before I could get a nice shot!

Another new fruit obsession that I have is getting a lemon tree. I got this idea from the Diary of a Locavore blog too. Apparently you can get small lemon trees called Meyer Lemons. You can grow them inside, which will be helpful during the winter. Being able to get our own lemons would definitely make our family more local. We use lemons in a lot of our cooking (including the cobbler recipe), so this would probably be cheaper for my family than buying imported lemons all the time.

I will try to post midweek this week because we are trying to make a pumpkin maple pots de creme. Yum!

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