Tuesday, February 14, 2012

School lunch and local restaurants

This past week I tried to make a variety of school lunches so I could post a bunch of options. At my school, we have snack time, and I always have snack. Usually I eat chips or a granola bar and fruit. At the beginning of the year I had a lot of home-made applesauce, but lately I've been eating apples or craisins. We've eaten through most of the fruit we stored and preserved, so I'll have to start getting more creative if I want fruit. For chips, we usually eat Stacy's which are from Massachusetts, Food Should Taste Good, or other local cracker companies. We've made our own granola bars, but you can't get local oats, so these aren't really local.

For my lunch, I either have a sandwich and veggies, or salad. We've been getting a lot of salad greens and mixed greens lately, so I like to use these before they're gone. I either have the greens with carrots and craisins mixed in, or chinese cabbage salad. Cabbage is still abundant, so we try to use that in lunches too. For sandwiches we either make our own bread with flour from King Arthur, which is a local company, or we buy bread from the farmer's market. I eat bread and butter a lot, or cheese sandwiches with both coming from the dairy that delivers to our house. Mainly I have carrots as my lunch veggie because we have so many. A problem I've found with carrots is that they are frequently bitter. Soaking them in water or boiling them usually gets rid of the bitterness.

Another topic I came across this week was local restaurants. Before I started this project, I didn't even know that there were restaurants like this near Millis. Over the weekend my family went out to dinner at one in Lexington. It was called Nourish, and the food was delicious. They get most of their food from local or organic suppliers, and the variety of food they served satisfied even my pickiest sisters. Going out has been really hard because it is almost impossible to find local restaurants, so it was lucky we found Nourish. I hope that I can find a couple more restaurants in the area soon.

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