Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fast Food

This is somewhat similar to my last post, but this past week has been very busy so I've needed more quick recipes. The best one that I can think of is Chicken. I'm not even putting this on the Recipes page because it is so easy. All you do is take some chicken, whether it's a breast or a whole chicken, drizzle it with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and put in the oven at about 400°F for about an hour. My family usually makes a whole chicken because there are five people to feed, but you can easily cook a smaller portion or even save some for leftovers.

Another quick family favorite at my house is Quesadillas. This week we found a local tortilla company so this is the first quesadilla I have eaten in months. Yum! The company is Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas, which is located in Providence, Rhode Island. All you do is put the tortilla in a frying pan and sprinkle cheese and whatever else you want inside. Sometimes when I have extra time, I pan fry carrots, cabbage and other vegetables, or cook some chicken and put it in my tortilla. You can fill quesadillas with whatever you can find around the house and no matter what they taste delicious (unless you burn them accidentally like me).

With these main dishes, I'm always looking for a quick side dish to go along, so I'll share my two favorites. This time of year, I eat carrots every day. Usually I eat them at least twice a day because we have so many. At lunch I have them cut up with a little dressing, but when I'm home, I boil them for a few minutes, and cover them in butter. I used to think that cooked carrots were gross, but I can't get enough of these boiled carrots. Boiling them is especially helpful when they get bitter. Another trick to taking away the bitterness is that once you peel them, leave them to soak in a bowl of water. My second quick side dish is just to make a quick salad or grab some broccoli and dip it in dressing.

That's all for today, but tonight we're eating our Saint Patrick's Day dinner (I know we're a day late). You can expect some recipes tomorrow night. Also, because my family hosts the big neighborhood easter party, expect recipes for easter food to be posted soon. Thanks for reading!

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